Semantic Solutions Engineer (Remote / Hybrid)

Work Type: Full Time

Our Sales team needs a technical ace in the hole for when the questions get tough. Driven by a strong belief in the business applications of knowledge graphs, you’ll work one-on-one with both prospects and Sales team members to help discuss how TopQuadrant’s flagship data governance platform, TopBraid EDG fits within their technology strategy. You will gain a full understanding of how EDG is architected and a clear understanding of how EDG can be used. Additionally, you’ll be tasked to invent and implement creative solutions for edge-case issues.

What you’ll do

  • Support sales teams with deep technical knowledge and understanding of TopQuadrant’s product offerings 
  • Collaborate closely with customers by constructing demos, visioning sessions, and working meetings to understand customer pain points and brainstorm solutions
  • As the customer facing technical lead, this role acts as the primary resource in solving technical issues and inquiries in pre-sales and onboarding processes.
  • Proactively engage with product and engineering teams on roadmap, soliciting and sharing customer/prospect feedback where necessary.
  • Assist in documentation efforts around TopQuadrant’s product offerings, internal knowledge base, and training resources.
  • Contribute to TopQuadrant's marketing efforts by participating in webinars, videos and presentations.
  • Report to the Head of Sales and engage with senior leadership regularly
  • In 12-18 months, build and develop a team

Your Superpowers

  • Having a “why not” mentality fueled by an innate curiosity to learn and apply technology to solve real world business problems
  • Dogged obsession over customer value
  • Keen listener possessing the “empathy gene”
  • Insatiable curiosity to assimilate technical information quickly with an enthusiasm to share and teach others
  • Proven experience influencing technical audiences in their language, and influence business audiences by translating complex technology concepts into easy to understand terminology
  • An ability to build new processes while having a knack for making it “feel custom without being custom”
  • Hands-on experience with one or more technologies in the enterprise data governance and/or metadata management space

Your currencies

  • Problem solving: You stand for the elegant and the practical solution. You are driven by expertise and getting the solution right for the customer’s benefit. And you love the power of data.
  • Relationships: You get joy from helping others succeed.
  • Impact: You want your work to matter, to make a difference, and to set an example for the way things can be.


  • Proven experience successfully demonstrating and articulating the value of semantic technologies
  • Knowledge and previous experience with TopBraid EDG, TopBraid Composer or any other enterprise knowledge graph software
  • Experience in developing semantic models using SHACL or RDFS/OWL/SPARQL to address customer requirements
  • Experience with GraphQL
  • Track record of building and mentoring a team
Working at TopQuadrant is best exemplified by our values:

  • Possibility (aka the “Why Not” mentality): We embrace new ideas and ways of thinking because we never let an opportunity to “level up” pass us by. Piloting and testing good ideas will keep us learning. In general, moving faster is better.
  • Humility (aka “Gate check your baggage”): Best ideas win. We check our assumptions and our egos at the door. Titles, the “the way things were,” or “should have been” just don’t matter. The best ideas focus on the greater good. When in doubt, customers (and customer value) knows best.
  • Ownership: Finish lines matter. We expect ourselves and each other to step up and own processes and outcomes to completion. We give credit, let decision makers decide, ask for and give feedback, point fingers inward first, examine every cost, and never make excuses because that’s what makes great teams great.
  • Partnership: Customers value us because we provide them with superpowers they’ve never had. We do not simply provide a product or service, we engage as equal partners in their solution. We influence the outcome and express our expertise and opinions unapologetically. And when we succeed, we share in the value we deliver because we value our time, our technology, and ourselves.
  • Teamwork:  Be the person you’d want to work with. Build each other up.

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